Daily Survey

Belgrade, May 04, 2012


MADRID, May 04 (Tanjug) - Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has met in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart Jose Garcia-Margallo to discuss Serbia's EU integration, Kosovo and improvements to the two countries' economic cooperation.This was the two officials' first meeting since Garcia-Margallo took up office early this year, when the Spanish government was formed.Spain is one of Serbia's most important patners in Europe, a country that supports strongly EU enlargement in the Balkans, Jeremic stated.There is no doubt that Spain advocates EU integration for all the countries of the Western Balkans, he noted.Jeremic and Garcia-Margallo also reviewed Serbia's future steps towards the EU, including getting the date for the start of the accession talks, and Jeremic said that Spain's support could be expected when it comes to that.Spain has a certain view when it comes to Serbia's European future, because of its regional policy and because of the principle of international law, which it sees in the same way Serbia does, Jeremic remarked.The situation in Kosovo was one of the topics.Spain's view regarding Kosovo is very important to Serbia, Jeremic pointed out, adding that he had discussed the issue with Garcia-Margallo and that he was glad Spain had not changed its stand.Spain is one of the five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence.The Serbian foreign minister said that he and Garcia-Margallo focused a lot of attention on economic cooperation during the meeting.Jeremic also informed his Spanish colleague about Serbia's bid for president of the UN General Assembly.The Serbian official met also with Uruguay's Foreign Minister Luis Almagro in Madrid.Jeremic will visit the Elcano Royal Institute on Friday, where he is going to talk about Serbia's EU integration.