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Conference on Economic Cooperation between Italy and Serbia: Serbia, key to Italy’s breakthrough on Eastern European and Russian markets
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srpsko-italijanska-zastavaAs one of the most important news, posted on the website of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, there was the information stating that, owing to the cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the Italian Republic, the first seminar in the series named "Business Intelligence in 2013" was devoted to Serbia. It is stated that the Republic of Serbia is a door through which the Italian Republic enters other markets, thanks to its free trade agreements with third countries, as well as a bridge to the economic macro-region from the Adriatic Sea to Russia. In this regard, it is noted that it is necessary to learn more about our country's specificities, both historical and cultural, in order to further develop a wider range of opportunities for cooperation. 
On this occasion, the specialized media reporting from the Western Balkans, "Agenzia Nova", in a separate file, published data on an increase of trade between the Republic of Serbia and the Italian Republic, and the statements of the speakers at the conference. Full text of the presentation made by Ambassador Ana Hrustanovic was carried, conveying relevant points relating to the advantages of economic cooperation with Serbia and emphasized further political line of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, primarily focused on further progress towards the EU, without compromising the national interests of Serbia in Kosovo.
The statement by Head of the Balkans in the Italian MFA K. Locas was cited, emphasizing that Serbia was not by chance the only country in the region with which Italy had this kind of strategic partnership. He also added that the Italian Republic continuously cooperated with Serbia on its path towards the EU, working together on internal reforms and improvement of relations with its neighbours, supporting it at the same time in taking brave steps in order to properly use a historic opportunity that is presented.