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Minister Mrkic: Westerwelle understands ‘sensitivity of the moment’
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Mrkic - Westerwelle_7Serbia has a historic chance "to embark 'once for all' upon the road of its common future with the EU", said German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in talks with his Serbian counterpart Ivan Mrkic.
Walking out of the meeting with Westerwelle, Minister Mrkic said that the German Minister understood the 'sensitivity of the moment' for the Serbian Government and people in Kosovo. 
"Minister Westerwelle fully understands the sensitivity of this moment in time and the fact that the Serbian Government must be patient in its steps towards its fellow Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, who have been living for years in very bad conditions. Westerwelle spoke with confidence that the Serbian community there will soon realize that its survival, strengthening and building of its future have been assured and guaranteed by the international community ", Minister Mrkic emphasized.
Westerwelle and Mrkic talked 'face to face' for 40 minutes, which was much longer than envisaged by their protocols ".
The German Minister recalled that certainty of naming a date for the opening of negotiations was directly correlated to the implementation of the Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.
The German Foreign Minister also announced the visit by German MPs shortly, the delegation which will be received in Belgrade by Minister Mrkic, as well.
German Parliament is the last instance in that country deciding on German support for giving 'a go ahead' to Serbia to have the date for accession negotiations with the EU.
European Heads of State or Government will make a decision, meeting as the European Council, on 27-28 June 2013, on whether to grant Serbia the date for the opening of accession negotiations with the Union.
The Bundestag, German legislature, will make its position known one day ahead of the 27 June date.