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Madrid: Serbian cinema series
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At the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Madrid, on the occasion of commemorating the 100th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of Spain, in April 2016, films from the series done by the Film Centre of Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Montevideo, Taste of a Dream" ("Montevideo, Bog te video") and "See you in Montevideo" ("Montevideo, vidimo se") by Dragan Bjelogrlic were screened at the Spanish Film Archive "Filmoteca Espanola", as well as "Redemption Street" ("Ustanicka ulica") by Miroslav Terzic, "Mamaros" by Momcilo Mrdakovic, "Tilva Ros" by Nikola Lezaic, "Circles" ("Krugovi") by Srdan Golubovic. Historical documentaries "Trust in the Lord" ("Sa verom u Boga") by Mihajlo Popovic, and "Karadjordje" by Ilija Stanojevic were also shown.

The Serbian film screenings drew great attention of the audience (1041 viewers).
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