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Bratislava: Days of Stara Pazova
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altDays of Stara Pazova event took place in Bratislava, on 11-12 May, sponsored by the Embassy of Serbia in Slovakia, and hosted by the municipality of Stara Pazova and the Slovak municipality of Stari Grad.

Days of Stara Pazova in Bratislava was opened by the program performed at the Zichy Palace, in the old town. Agriculture, sport, gastronomy, tourism and handicrafts were presented at the booths.

Ambassador of Serbia to Slovakia Momcilo Babic addressed the visitors and said that good relations between the two countries are fostered in this way. President of the Municipality of Stara Pazova Djordje Radinovic said that this event does not only represent the municipality but Serbia as well that deserves its place in the EU. President of the Municipality of the Old Town Radoslav Stevcik agreed with him, saying that Slovakia was obliged to help its friends from Serbia to present themselves and get the place they deserve in the European family of nations. President of the Bratislava self-governing region Juraj Drobe spoke about the extraordinary relations between our two countries and peoples.


The program was enriched with various cultural contents.The event featured performances from Tamburitza band of Ljubinko Lazic and the play "The main roadside inn" directed by Miroslav Benke. The movie produced by RTV Stara Pazova was shown. Exhibition of academic painters from Stara Pazova was opened and a concert of classical music held.


The event was also attended by the "Slovan" FC players from Bratislava, Boris Sekulic and Aleksandar Cauric.