Official name
State of Eritrea
Form of government
Presidential republic
Date of establishment of bilateral relations
19 October 2012

Political relations

The relations between Serbia and Eritrea, gaining independence in 1993, are good, but there is room for improving political and economic cooperation. A positive contribution to the relations between the two states is the principal position of Eritrea regarding the non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

The MFA of Eritrea visited Serbia in 2017.


Economic relations

Economic cooperation occurs through very modest foreign trade exchange, although the potential is far higher. There is interest in establishing partner relations in this domain.

There were no exports in 2019, while 14 thousand euros of imports were registered. During 2020 there were no exports, while 1,000 thousand euros of imports were registered.


Bilateral agreements

Statement on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the State of Eritrea, date of signing and coming into force: 19 October 2012.


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Kenya, covering Eritrea on a non-residential basis from Nairobi:

Embassy of Eritrea in Italy, covering The Republic of Serbia on a non-residential basis from Rome:

Contact at the MFA: Department for Africa and the Middle East, tel. +381 11 3068254, e-mail: