Official name
Form of government
Head of State
Macky Sall
Prime Minister
Amadou Ва
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ismaila Madior Fall
Date of establishment of bilateral relations
In 1961.

Political relations

Bilateral relations are underdeveloped, with no exchange of official visits over a long period of time.


Economic relations

Ecnomic relations and trade, in relation to the former ties and the real opportunities for cooperation, are at a very low level. In 2021, Serbian exports were 218,000 euros and imports were 92,000 euros.


Bilateral agreements

Agreement on Economic, Technical and Industrial Cooperation
Date of entry into force: 6 July 1962


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Morocco covering the Republic of Senegal on non-residential basis: 
Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in FR Germany which covers the Republic of Serbia on non-residential basis from Berlin: 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Department for Africa and Middle East, tel. 00 381 (0) 11 30 68 254, e-mail: