Berlin: Ambassador Janković visits Serbian exhibitors at the International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits in Düsseldorf

18. May 2022.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Germany, Snežana Janković, has visited the Serbian stand and exhibitors from the Republic of Serbia at the ProWein Fair in Düsseldorf.

The Serbian Development Agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry had jointly organised the participation of six distilleries and eight wineries from Serbia at this year's Fair, one of the largest and most important fairs of wine and spirits worldwide. 

Ambassador Janković spoke with the exhibitors and became acquainted with their plans and expectations from the Fair and the German market. The exhibitors said they were satisfied with their participation at the Fair, as one of the best ways to present their products in Germany but noted that some of them already had distribution in the German market.

The Serbian stand was also visited by Executive Director of the Düsseldorf Fair Michael Degen, with whom Ambassador Janković and Consul General in Düsseldorf Branislava Perin-Jarić, along with the representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Development Agency, discussed future cooperation and appearances of Serbian exhibitors.