Dačić for TV Pink: Kurti thinks he is a messiah, Serbia acted responsibly in the recent negotiations

23. Nov 2022.
Serbia, and primarily its president Aleksandar Vučić, acted responsibly in the recent negotiations with Priština because our approach was „not to get up from the negotiating table even if we do not like what is on the table“, said First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić.

- We are acting this way because we want to preserve peace, even if it is fragile, and we are trying to reach a sustainable solution through negotiations that will allow for both Belgrade and Priština to make a compromise, assuring the people of Kosovo and Metohija there will be no problems in the coming period - said Dačić for TV Pink.

According to him, claims and statements in the media that the US caused Albin Kurti to postpone the implementation of the vehicle re-registration decision for 48 hours are true, because it was always the case that ultimately the US had to give him „a rap on the knuckles“ or threaten to do it to those they have helped all these years.

- The international community has reached the limits of tolerance, there is nowhere left to go, and the alternative is conflict. What Kurti wants is not realistic, because no Albanian policeman will be allowed to come to the northern Kosovo, since the Serbs see it as a military occupation of the north, and the north of Kosovo will never recognise an independent Kosovo - said Dačić and emphasised that the most important thing was to preserve peace in the southern Serbian province.

Commenting on today's announced gathering of women and mothers from Kosovo in Kosovska Mitrovica, he said that people are upset, the uncertainty bothers them and it was positive that those protests were peaceful.

- It is a kind of civil resistance to what Kurti is doing, because all the problems that ordinary people have are caused by the actions of Kurti's government.

The Minister stated that the international public’s attitude was changing, „primarily owing to Priština's crazy and insane behaviour“.

- I am not saying that I am content with what Priština is doing, but there is a bit of luck here because the West could now observe who the factor of obstruction and destabilisation in the region is. They kept talking about the symmetry of guilt and now they cannot talk about it anymore - stated Dačić, referring to the recent negotiations in Brussels.

- Kurti postponed the decision on registration plates for 48 hours, which means that the pressure on him is having an effect. The rhetoric in Priština has changed - said Dačić.

„Today's meeting is a good example for the world to see that the problems are not a matter of politicians, that it is about matters that affect ordinary people, both women and children, and students and the elderly, making it impossible for them to live a normal life,“ said Ivica Dačić.

He added that he supported the protests and that they could make the problems of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija clearer to the people in the world who did not understand them.

The Minister assessed that Kurti did not care about registration plates in order to settle the issue of vehicle registration, he only „wants the words Republic of Kosovo to be written on them“, since the word Republic in his understanding means that Kosovo is independent“.

When asked if the situation was changing after the latest events and Josep Borell's statement, Dačić answered in the affirmative.

„It is changing primarily owing to Priština's insane behaviour. I am not saying that I am content with Kurti’s behaviour, but there is a bit of luck here because the West could now observe who is the factor of obstruction and destabilisation in the region“, said Minister Dačić.

He added that they always talked about the symmetry of guilt, and now they can no longer say that.

Source/Photo: Pink.rs