Dačić on the Serbia–Croatia relations

16. Mar 2023.
Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Civic Dačić and of Croatia Goran Grlić Radman stated today that, regardless of the differences between the two countries, the time was right to work on changing our perspectives towards each other, in order to improve Serbia–Croatia relations and enhance cooperation. At the conference “Bilateral relations between Serbia and Croatia - towards a new dynamic”, Minister Dačić, speaking through a video link, emphasised that Serbia wanted to have the best possible relations with its neighbours.

“The overall relations between Serbia and Croatia are considerably burdened with our differences, which, unfortunately, get more attention than our similarities. Now might be the right time to, in our efforts to revitalise the relations between our two countries, prioritise a change in perspective towards each other, both in terms of the general public and the politicians”, said Minister Dačić. He added that Serbia and Croatia could not resolve all the outstanding issues from their past unless they started building good relations in the future.  

Minister Dačić stressed that the two countries did not share the same opinions on a number of issues, but that they had to talk to each other with respect, in order to try to understand each other better. “We need to change our perspectives, and political will will be crucial in that regard. Hopefully it will show that there are no limits to what we can do, as long as we act together”, stated Minister Dačić. 

He highlighted the fact that the Declaration of cooperation between Serbs from Croatia and Croats from Serbia had been signed, and noted that minorities, as drivers of cooperation, had the needed transformational power in shaping state policies. He also added that an improvement of relations between the two countries would also create possibilities for a further improvement of relations between national minorities. 

“We wish to revive political dialogue and, with carefully selected steps, raise the level of mutual trust, in order to be able to create opportunities and conditions to start resolving the more complex issues, together and as equals”, said Minister Dačić.

Source: Tanjug