Minister Dačić met Congressmen Aderholt

27. May 2023.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić met American Congressmen Robert Aderholt who will represent a congress group gathered in the format of the Prayer Breakfast, Southeast Europe Branch, in Belgrade.

Minister Dačić expressed satisfaction on account of the Congressmen Aderholt’s stay in Serbia and underlined that he had participated on several occasions personally in traditional Prayer Breakfast taking place in Washington. Minister Dačić said that the talks with American officials should be seen as an opportunity for establishment of even closer relations and improvement of overall cooperation.

Congressmen Aderholt said that he came to Belgrade primarily as a friend of the Republic of Serbia, without any political agenda. Furthermore, that the goal of the mentioned format is a promotion of friendship between the USA and the countries in the Region, but also a particular occasion for emphasising strong ties between our two countries.