Priority of Serbia and Poland is economic cooperation

11. Jun 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, stated that today's meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Zbigniew Rau, and the Minister for European Affairs in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Poland, Konrad Szymański, were very good and meaningful, and that important high-level visits were arranged.

The Minister especially pointed out that it is inadmissible that the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs has not been on an official visit to Poland for more than ten years.

"This was just the beginning of our good meetings. At the meeting with Minister Rau, we also agreed on his return visit in mid-October, but we also received assurances that the visit of the President of Poland could take place a few weeks after that", the Minister said.

The Minister also announced that during the visit of President Andrzej Duda, a large business forum will be held, and during the visit of Minister Rau, the opening of the Polish Agency for Economic Development, which will have its regional headquarters in Belgrade.

Selaković emphasized that the priority regarding cooperation between the two countries is economic cooperation, that last year the economic exchange was one billion and 328 million euros, that in the first four months of this year it exceeded 531 million euros, and that, if this trend continues, we will have a higher volume of foreign policy exchange.

The Minister also said that he thanked his Polish colleagues for their constant, strong and principled support for the policy of EU enlargement and for the provision of assistance to Serbia.

"At the meeting with Minister Rau, I heard the fact that they have increased their GDP by 5 times since the beginning of the transition period, that is, in the period of 30 years", Selaković pointed out.

He added that at all meetings with Polish officials, recognition was given to the policy of President Vučić and the Government of Serbia in the field of economic reforms, and that this served as an additional motive for the great interest of Polish businessmen.

Minister Selaković also said that he had signed two important acts with Minister Rau, the Memorandum of Understanding between the ministries of foreign affairs of Serbia and Poland and the Cooperation Program in the Field of Culture, Education and Science for the period 2021-2024.