Serbian embassies, consulates and missions displaying the tricolor

15. Sep 2021.
Embassies, consulates and mission of Serbia all around the world are decorated today with Serbian tricolors on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag.

At all 109 diplomatic consular offices of Serbia at all continents, from Pretoria to Oslo, from Canberra to Moscow, from Chicago to Tokyo, in the region, EU states, African countries, Middle East and Far East, South America and North America, today, in the colors of the Serbian flag, today’s holiday was suitably celebrated.

Associations of the Serbian diaspora, which gather both emigrants from Serbia and the Serbs from all the countries of the region, were included in the celebration of the Day of Unity in such manner. The Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag is the national holiday which is celebrated in Serbia and the Republic of Serbia on 15th September.

The holiday was established last year in commemoration of the day when in 1918 the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front in the First World War commenced.