Official name
Republic of Cameroon
Form of government
Head of State
Paul Biya
Prime Minister
Joseph Dion Ngute
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lejeune Mbella Mbella
Date of establishment of bilateral relations

Political relations

On 4 May 2017, the Government of the Republic of Serbia established 25 May as the Day of Friendship with Peoples of Africa.

The bilateral relations are friendly, but political dialogue is underdeveloped, since no high-level bilateral visits have been registered in recent decades. Former President of the Republic of Serbia T. Nikolić presented the Order of the Republic of Serbia on Sash to the President of Cameroon for merits in developing friendly relations, in February 2016.

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries met on the sidelines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, in September 2016.


Economic relations

In 2020, 10,313,000 euros of exports and 290,000 euros of imports were realized. In 2019, Serbian export to Cameroon amounted to 13,993,000 euros and import to 234,000 euros.


Bilateral agreements

Trade Agreement between FPRY and Cameroon, effective date: 30 March 1964

Agreement on Technical and Economic Cooperation between the FPRY and Cameroon, date of ratification: 18 April 1963


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Nigeria which provides consular services for this country:

Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon which covers the Republic of Serbia on a non-residential basis from Germany:

Contact at the MFA: Department for Africa and the Middle East, tel. +381 11 306-8254, e-mail: