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Political relations

Relations between Serbia and Iraq are characterised by a tradition of friendship, understanding and mutual support, as seen in Iraq’s refusal to recognise the unilaterally announced independence of the so-called Kosovo. The current situation in Iraq strongly affects the speed of development of relations in different areas, but both sides are willing to work on the reinforcement and improvement of the overall cooperation between the two countries.

Meetings between officials of the two countries are sporadic, and should be intensified. Ministers of Foreign Affairs exchanged visits in 2017.


Economic relations

The economic cooperation is mostly taking place through bilateral trade, with a deficit on Serbian side, and should be expanded and deepened.

In 2019, the value of Serbia's export amounted to 9,734 million euros, and import 413,194 million euros. From January to November 2020, the value of export was 8,632 million euros and the value of import 328,322 million euros.



Bilateral agreementsc

Trade and Cooperation Agreement between SFRY and Iraq

Signature date: 2 October 1958

The date for the entry into force: 19 February 1959

Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between the SFRY and the Republic of Iraq

Signature date: 14 June 1974

The date for the entry into force: 18 June 1975

Agreement published on: The Official Journal of the European Communities, Appendix No. 14/1976.

Consular Convention between the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Iraq

Signature date: 28 February 1980

The date for the entry into force: 10 April 1981

Agreement published in: International Treaties, No. 1/1982; Registered with the OUN on 29 April 1982.


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Baghdad:

Embassy of Iraq in Belgrade:

Contact information for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Department for Africa and Middle East, phone: +381 011 306 3068254, e-mail: