For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa not required for a stay of up to 90 days

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa required


Holders of an emergency travel document in transit require a visa


Visa is required to enter the Republic of Iraq, and it can be obtained at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Belgrade. The visa fee will depend on the type of visa: a single-entry visa costs USD 50 and a multiple-entry visa costs USD 100. A visa is not a guarantee of entry into the Republic of Iraq, as the final decision is made by the border authorities. The passport must be valid for at least six months following the arrival in the Republic of Iraq and upon leaving the territory of the country. Within seven days of arrival in the Republic of Iraq, travellers must register with the Residency and Foreign Nationals Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Iraq in Karrada district (not far from the National Theatre).
In case of stay in the Republic of Iraq for more than 10 days, registration with the police is mandatory ― residence stamp in the passport (Residency Office) ― where it is necessary to submit proof of the reason for the extension of stay, two passport format photos and HIV test. When leaving the Republic of Iraq, persons who have registered (stayed for more than 10 days) are required to obtain an exit stamp which shall be issued by the same police department, with certain costs (from USD 20 to USD 200 ― depending on the type of visa, length of stay) etc). If one`s stay in the Republic of Iraq is slightly longer than 10 days, and no residence stamp is obtained, a fine of approximately USD 10 shall be paid upon one`s departure (depending on the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar).
For travellers arriving through the Kurdistan Region, Erbil Airport, to obtain entry visas from the Kurdistan regional authorities, their hosts (guarantors) must first visit the Foreign Nationals Office of the Ministry of the Interior of Iraqi Kurdistan to provide guarantees, where they will be provided with all necessary information about entering the Republic of Iraq through the Kurdistan Region. Hosts (guarantors) are advised to visit the official website of the Ministry of the Interior of Iraqi Kurdistan ( to learn more about the conditions and documents required for entry into the Iraqi Region of Kurdistan. This visa does not apply to the Republic of Iraq and, thus, cannot be used for travel to other parts of the Republic of Iraq. It is recommended that travellers, even if travelling to the Kurdistan Region, obtain an Iraqi visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Belgrade.
Up to USD 10,000 may be taken out of Iraq but there is no limit on the amount which may be brought into the country.

No social security agreement has been concluded.

USEFUL INFORMATION                                                

HEALTH SITUATION — There is no proper health care. The number of doctors is very small, and hospitals are poorly equipped. HIV-positive persons are not allowed to enter the Republic of Iraq. In case of a long stay, it is necessary to bring an HIV-test certificate.

SECURITY SITUATION — Given the unpredictable security situation in the country, citizens of the Republic of Serbia are advised to refrain from travelling to the Republic of Iraq. Those already in the Republic of Iraq are advised to be in constant communication with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Republic of Iraq, as well as to adhere to security instructions. It is strictly forbidden for foreign nationals to move on their own around Baghdad and generally in the Republic of Iraq, except accompanied by their host, and they are not to stay for long in public and busy places, owing to the increase in the number of kidnapped people.
Security situation after 2018
Since the beginning of 2018, the security situation has only slightly improved. Terrorist activities are now sporadic and fighting with ISIL mainly takes place in the western parts of the country. However, foreign nationals and their property as well as domestic civilians may still be targeted by terrorists.
Consequently, there are no tourist visits. There is only religious tourism, as reflected in the visits of Shiites from Iran to the holy places of Najaf and Karbala in Iraq.
Those who come to Baghdad are advised to request their hosts, if possible, to provide them accommodation in the so-called Green Zone, or in the Babylon or Al Rasheed hotel, where prices are around USD 250. Transportation and movement are possible only with the full security by professional organisations and suitable vehicles.
The cost of hiring security ranges up to USD 1,000 per day.
The Kurdistan Region is relatively safe, but it is not recommended to move on one’s own or go outside the known environment. Recommendation to citizens of the Republic of Serbia is that, before or immediately after arriving in the Republic of Iraq, they contact the Embassy and inform it about the purpose and plan of their visit in order to obtain the necessary information and suggestions.

TRANSPORT — Given the on-going conflicts, at present it is not possible to enter Iraq through the border crossings from Jordan and Syria. Although the sea route to the Port of Basra is open, travellers are advised to arrive via international airports: Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Najaf or Basra. In addition to domestic Iraqi Airways, foreign airlines currently flying to Iraq are Turkish Airways, Jordanian Airways, Qatar Airways, FlyDubai and some smaller private companies from the region. The ticket fare is slightly higher owing to war insurance.
Although the Republic of Iraq has a relatively developed road network, travel through the country is not recommended. If necessary, the trip should take place during the day with full security and protection, and transportation must be by armoured vehicle.

OTHER INFORMATION — The Iraqi dinar (IQD) and the US dollar (USD) are used as means of payment in the Republic of Iraq. At the beginning of January 2020, the national currency was devalued ― 1 USD = 1,460 IQD (approx.).
The banking system is in the process of reconstruction, and the banks are mostly using the USD. Payment by card (Visa, Maestro, American Express) is possible in some places.
There are no official restrictions on clothing and alcohol consumption. Alcohol is not served in state-run hotels, but it is in private restaurants generally. Bringing alcoholic beverages into the Republic of Iraq is not recommended.

Contact information
During your stay in the Republic of Iraq, for consular assistance and protection, you may contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Baghdad (address: Jadriya Babil District, Mahala No. 923, Zukak No. 35, Building No. 16 BAGHDAD, IRAQ), at one of the following telephone numbers: 00 964 79 01 91 23 34, 00 964 79 01 90 94 95, or email:

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