Official name
Form of government
Head of State
Maia Sandu
Prime Minister
Natalia Gavriliţa
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nicu Popescu
Date of establishment of bilateral relations
15 March 1995


Political relations

Modern political relations between the two countries are traditionally friendly, without open issues, but insufficiently developed. Mutual visits are rare, and political dialogue takes place mainly within international and regional gatherings. During the official visit to Belgrade on 2 and 3 September 2017, the then First Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Moldova A. Galbur met with the then First Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Serbia, I. Dačić. I. Dačić paid a working visit to Moldova in October 2016. Serbia and Moldova have mutual ties dating back to the first half of the 15th century. Thanks to the marital ties between the Serbian and Moldavian authorities, numerous churches and monasteries were built in Moldavia, and monasteries in Serbia were donated. Members of the Serbian and Moldovan people took part in the joint fight against the Turks. After the collapse of the First Serbian Uprising, about a thousand Serbian families settled in Bessarabia, including prominent participants in the uprising (Jakov Nenadović, Petar Dobrnjac, Karadjordje's older son Aleksa Petrović).


Economic relations

In 2020, trade amounted to 38,746 million euros, with exports amounting to 22,799 million euros and imports to 15,947 million euros. In 2019, trade amounted to 28,011 million euros (Serbian exports 17,416 million euros and imports 10,595 million euros). The structure of exports is dominated by bitumen and oil residues, floor coverings, wallpaper, dryers for agricultural products, paper and cardboard coated with plastic, drugs, wood fibber boards, machine parts, while imports consist of sets of ignition wires, wires, coils, other electrical conductors, printed cotton, bleached cotton and other fabrics.


Bilateral agreements

Currently, 12 interstate documents are in force, the most important of which are:

Agreement on International Road Traffic and Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Defence.

In the next period, it is planned to sign several bilateral agreements between R. Serbia and Moldova.


Contact information

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bucharest (Romania):

The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Belgrade: 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia – Department for Russia and Eurasia (DRE), Tel. 00 381 (0) 11 30 68 349; e-mail: