Canberra: Ambassador Stefanović with Prime Minister of Australia at the Final of Australian Open Tennis Championship in Melbourne

29. Jan 2023.
By invitation of the organizer of the Tennis Association of Australia (TSA) championship, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Australia Rade Stefanović attended the final match of the men's competition of the Australian Open, where Serbian best tennis player Novak Đokovic participated and won.

On the eve of the match, the Ambassador Stefanović had the opportunity to talk with the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese, the Executive Director of TSA Craig Tiley and with a few members of the Board of Directors of the Australian Open.

The interlocutors considered to the last year's deportation and ban on entering the country that was imposed on Novak Djokovic, but also the decision of the current Australian Government to cancel the mentioned ban issue a new Australian visa to him, thus enabling the participation of the world's best tennis player in this prestigious tournament - for which the Ambassador once again thanked the Australian Prime Minister Albanese and the Minister for Immigration Andrew Giles.

Moreover, the Ambassador Stefanović drew attention to the events of a few days ago and the media campaign launched without a good reason in the Australian public regarding videos and photos of Srđan Đoković, the father of our tennis player, with a group of "fans" displaying symbols that have been prohibited during this year's tournament. Presenting his view of the mentioned situation and Serbia's attitude towards the conflict in Ukraine, the Ambassador emphasized that politics and sports should not be mixed.

After the victory of our tennis player, the Australian officials sent their congratulations to the Ambassador of Serbia and commented on Novak Djokovic's game and success, with chosen words.