Dačić meets with envoys of the Ministry of Defence

03. Mar 2023.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dačić stated today that, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Serbia had neither exported nor licensed any export of weapons or military equipment to Ukraine or Russia, nor in any other country that he believed to be potentially contentious from the international point of view.

In his words, he was familiar with the data on this matter, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia was involved in the issuance of permits for the export of weapons. He added that such permits were issued to legal institutions which were allowed to export weapons.  

Speaking to envoys of the Ministry of Defence posted to Serbian diplomatic missions worldwide, Minister Dačić said that Serbia's diplomatic activity was primarily focused on the preservation on the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as the main guideline for its foreign policy activity.  

“We are witnessing an enormous pressure put on Serbia for the purpose of completing the project of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, culminating with the latest meeting in Brussels”, stated Minister Dačić. 

He added that envoys of the Ministry of Defence, similarly as diplomats, had both the duty and the honour to represent Serbia and Serbian people in other countries.  

“I am convinced that representatives of the Ministry of Defence are able to witness the expertise of our diplomats, and vice versa. Cooperation between our two ministries is of great importance for a successful defence of Serbia’s vital interests in the global arena”, said Minister Dačić. He added that it was important for relations to be based on trust.  

Minister Dačić emphasised that the current circumstances made accurate, timely and precise reporting on positions of countries particularly important, and that today's reception was also of importance as a way to give Serbia clear guidelines for its activity. 

“I must once again reiterate our clear position that any attempt of resolving the issue of our southern province is possible only through the established dialogue mechanism between Belgrade and Pristina. For that reason, a correct presentation of the danger posed by Pristina's unilateral moves, which generally jeopardise establishment of dialogue, is also very important”, said Minister Dačić.  

He added that the skills of Serbia’s envoys and diplomats in properly presenting he issue of Kosovo and Metohija was undoubtedly improving Serbia’s overall negotiating position, regardless of the fact that Serbia’s arguments, no matter how strong, would be unlikely to change the official positions of the host states.  

“It is crucial that we act as one and in a concerted manner, so it would be clear that our policy and positions in this matter are firm”, stated Minister Dačić.  

The armed conflict in Ukraine has, in his words, revealed the true positions of certain countries as regards the observance of the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty.  

“It is precisely by consistently insisting on the observance of Resolution 1244 and advocating for a non-selective interpretation of the international law and the fundamental principles of the United Nations that we are putting forward our strongest argument, which should be presented to your host states”, emphasised Minister Dačić.  

Minister Dačić added that EU membership was a priority objective on Serbia's political agenda.  

“But for reasons that are very familiar, it is questionable whether full EU membership is a moving target or a real possibility. That fact must not discourage us from presenting the added value Serbia could bring by joining the EU”, stated Minister Dačić in his speech to the representatives of the Ministry of Defence.  

He emphasised that Serbia was and would remain the main point of regional stability.  

“For that reason, efforts have been increased to stabilise our bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries”, said Minister Dačić. 

He added that Serbia could not break away from its immediate neighbourhood and that it had to therefore build foundations of cooperation for the sake of the common future, as reflected in initiatives for economic connectivity such as the Open Balkan Initiative.

“As regards security policy, in addition to preservation of peace and stability, another one of Serbia’s priorities is its participation in EU peace-keeping missions and operations. We are actively contributing to the preservation of peace, as well as showing our readiness to take part in the resolution of global issues”, said Minister Dačić.

He added that Serbia was unified during difficult moments in its history, which should not be forgotten and should serve as a guideline for our actions today.  

Minister Dačić wished the envoys of the Ministry of Defence a happy Military Intelligence Agency Day.  

Source: Tanjug