Dačić: Serbia successfully participated in the Summit-level Meeting, I discussed Expo 2027

02. Mar 2023.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić stated today that Serbia’s participation in the Summit-level Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Contact Group in Baku had been very successful in terms of its state/national interests.

He also emphasised that he had used the opportunity to talk to representatives of countries and ask them to support Serbia as a candidate for hosting the Specialised EXPO 2027.  “I mustn’t forget to mention, or else (Minister of Finance) Siniša Mali would kill me, that I discussed our candidacy for hosting EXPO 2027 with everyone”, said Minister Dačić to Tanjug from the capital of Azerbaijan.  

During the Summit-level Meeting, he had a number of bilateral meetings. As he noted, 46 countries which do not recognise the independence of the so-called Kosovo, were present in Baku. “As an envoy of President Aleksandar Vučić, I participated in a part of the Summit-level Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, and thanked everyone who stood with Serbia as regards the preservation of our territorial integrity. Unfortunately, we have witnessed selective interpretations of territorial integrity by others, who recognise its importance when it comes to other countries, but don’t regard it as a very important question when it comes to Serbia”, said Minister Dačić.

For that reason, as he said, the meeting was very important, and President Vučić insisted that someone should attend it in his stead. “I used the opportunity to convey the greetings from President Vučić to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, even though they heard from each other yesterday. The development of our bilateral relations is showing a strong upward trend. We are looking to find common interests and connections in all spheres of social life”, stated Minister Dačić.  Minister Dačić also said he had talked to the President of Libya, and that he had promised the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country that he would visit it.

Source: Tanjug