Minister Dacic at the marking of the 100th anniversary of Macedonian aviation in Skopje

16. Sep 2023.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic attended the marking of the 100th anniversary of Macedonian aviation at the Stenkovec Sports Airport in Skopje.

In addition to Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovacevski and Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Republic of North Macedonia Andrea Silvestri, the Head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic also addressed the attendees at the formal opening of the event.

Full statement by Minister Dacic reads as follows:

"It is my pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to head the delegation of the Republic of Serbia at the event marking the 100th anniversary of Macedonian aviation, whose beginnings are related to the founding of the "Skopje" Aero Club in 1923.

I am glad that the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia also took part in the preparations for the marking of this significant anniversary, by providing the glider "Ilindenka" to the organizers of the air show, the first aircraft manufactured on the territory of today’s Republic of North Macedonia (1955), according to the design of a famous Serbian engineer from that time, Milos Ilic. "Ilindenka" symbolically testifies to the close ties between our two countries in the field of aviation as well.

I am especially glad that at today's event, Macedonian citizens and the international public will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the modern capacities of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence, during the acrobatic flight of the “Lasta” trainer aircraft and the H145M helicopter, as well as the flyby of two supersonic MIG- 29s.

Today's air show, at which, along with Macedonian and Serbian aviation, the civil and military air forces from the Italian Republic, the Hellenic Republic and other countries also take part, is a clear demonstration of the interest of states, economies and citizens in this area in establishing even better mutual relations, but also of the awareness of shared responsibility when it comes to preserving peace and security, as prerequisites for accelerated economic and social development.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Macedonian aviation in Skopje is a good opportunity to harness all the unused potentials - which undoubtedly exist, aiming for further, even more versatile and mutually beneficial development of our relations. Our two countries maintain brotherly relations, as well as excellent cooperation within the "Open Balkan" initiative and other regional forums. I am particularly pleased by the fact that with today's event, we will send a political message that our countries are committed to the additional strengthening of relations, for the sake of a more prosperous future for our citizens.

Anniversaries like the one we are marking today, give impetus to a continued development of cultural, economic and all other ties between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia, at the same time contributing to the further strengthening of the ongoing trend of developing cooperation between the two friendly countries and peoples. I am deeply convinced that in the period ahead, we will proceed to strengthen the fraternal and friendly ties between our peoples, thus contributing to the peace and stability of our entire region."