Minister Selaković invited citizens to celebrate the Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag

15. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, has said today that the Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag is a holiday which is a symbol of both freedom and national unity, but also the symbol of the persistence of our nation in the fight for itself and its freedom.

At the Kurir television, Minister Selaković invited citizens to attend today’s celebration of the holiday at Sava Square by the monument to Stefan Nemanja, where he expects around thousand participants in the program.

He emphasized that all participants in the program are vaccinated and invited citizens to attend the central manifestation at Sava Square with protective masks and display the Serbian flag.

He has added that today we celebrate ancestors but also build our posterity with pride and that by celebrating this day Serbia does not offend anyone.

“Today we celebrate our Serbia, which was able to attract most foreign direct investments, and which will end this year as the country with the best economic results”, says the Foreign Minister.

He says that, every time when we celebrate our victories, when we are with our sportsmen and with our closest people, when we are cheerful, there is always the Serbian tricolor.

“Our flag is the symbol of the Serbian unity and this day is a special one in our history”, says Minister Selaković adding that we have reasons to celebrate.

Asked about the statement of Croatian President Zoran Milanović where he commented on the invitation of President Aleksandar Vučić to Serbs to display the flag of Serbia, Minister Selaković said that this was an example which showed how false news was created.

“We heard the President of a neighboring country disapproving the call of our President to the Serbs to display the tricolor. If you look several months back, Aleksandar Vučić never sent such message. And what if the President sent such message? What is offensive about that, is it aimed against anyone? It isn’t. Are the countries of northern Europe displaying their flags offending anyone”, says the Foreign Minister.

He emphasizes that in Serbia there are many national minorities and every one of them is entitled to displaying its symbols.

Asked about the former presidential candidate of the opposition Saša Janković disclosing the plan for the overthrowing of Aleksandar Vučić, Minister Selaković says that, on the one hand, it showed that Vučić was right when he had talked about that.

“When there is a president like Aleksandar Vučić, a man with two serious allies, citizens and results in his work and when faced with these two allies of his, you can never bring him down with political means in a political fight and then you use all other means”, said Minister Selaković.

He says that Serbia is the country where the authority is elected at the elections adding that citizens are the ones who voted Vučić.

Minister Selaković said that strong Serbia which makes its decision with sovereignty and independence is the Serbia of Aleksandar Vučić, and some people are not pleased with such Serbia.

Photo: Kurir television