Selaković: Remembering glorious ancestors, we preserve the national identity

15. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, has stated today that the celebration of the Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag is one of the attempts to preserve the national identity in the epoch of globalization which beyond any doubt leads to the loss of what the national identity is.

As a guest on RTS, Selaković invited all our countrymen to display the Serbian tricolor, be proud of their Serbian nation and Serbia and create proud posterity in future.

The Minister emphasized the importance of the preservation of the national identity and said that we had many reasons to be proud and reminded of 15th September as the celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front.

He highlighted that today we remembered glorious ancestors, celebrated them and also proudly create posterity.

“Nowadays, just like 100 years ago, Serbia is pride for everyone who lives here. Today, we celebrate our country, which in this year will be the best in Europe in economic growth, in the attraction of foreign direct investments, which is why everyone in the world admires us”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He said that Serbia creates good relations with its neighbors and is dedicated to the preservation of the regional peace and stability, which is, as he says, a strategical visionary perception of the state leadership.

Commenting on the request of the president of temporary institutions in Priština, Vjosa Osmani, who asked Germany for the support for obtaining new recognitions of so-called “Kosovo” as well as the membership in international organizations, Minister Selaković said that the position of Belgrade is clear and that Belgrade is dedicated to the dialog.

“We believe that the dialog is the only path to reaching the solution for the problems in Kosovo and Metohija. We will continue with the dedication to negotiations. It is our clear position. If Priština initiates its campaign for recognitions, we will know what to do and it was discussed on several occasions”, said Minister Selaković.

He emphasized that the essence is in the negotiations if we want a sustainable and permanent solution which will help building of trust between the Serbs and Albanians. With regards to the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina to everyone who participated in the territorial defense in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995 not to travel to Serbia due to possible arrest and recent arrest of one citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister Selaković says that the only way out of such situation must be in communication and discussion.

“I do not want to believe that anyone was ready to jeopardize the relations of two states by the abuse of this case. I do not want to believe that anyone wants to abuse anything and create tensions”, said Minister Selaković adding that this case shows the differences in the leadership of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He highlighted the Serbian dedication to the regional peace and stability, patient and arduous creation of peace, as in this manner we will proudly know, when the Serbian tricolor waves, that Serbia is the country which will have the greatest economic growth in Europe.