Starović speaks to Clemson University students about Serbia's foreign policy priorities

18. May 2022.
State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Starović has given a lecture on Serbia's foreign policy priorities to a group of students of political sciences and international relations at the Clemson University in South Carolina (USA).

State Secretary Starović acquainted the US students with the historical, geographic and geostrategic position of Serbia. In his address, he spoke about the importance of preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Serbia’s EU integration, regional relations, and military neutrality.

Highlighting the events that had led to the recognition of the self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo at the international level, contrary to international law, State Secretary Starović explained the importance of complying with UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and the involvement of the international community in the process of protecting the Serbian community and Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as Serbia's continuous efforts to reach a peaceful solution. He also emphasised the fact that many countries had since withdrawn their recognition of the so-called Kosovo, and that such a trend was likely to continue.

State Secretary Starović marked Serbia's EU-accession path as one of the country's strategic foreign policy goals and an initiator of reforms in many areas that had led to the country's economic progress.

State Secretary Starović pointed out that, although militarily neutral, Serbia was cooperating with the NATO through the Partnership for Peace, as well as contributing to the preservation of security in Europe and the world by participating in UN and EU peacekeeping missions and operations.

State Secretary Starović also spoke about the importance of good neighbourliness, referencing the Open Balkan initiative, its importance and benefits for the population and the economies of the Western Balkans countries.

Clemson University students are on a study visit to Serbia, and the visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been arranged by the Serbian Diplomatic Academy where, in addition to lectures, they could see the permanent exhibition of the Serbian Diplomatic Museum.