Ceremonial opening of the Embassy of Serbia in Ghana

08. Jul 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković officially opened the Embassy of Serbia today in Accra in Ghana on which occasion he said that such event would contribute to the development of bilateral relations between Serbia and Ghana in the future across the political, economic and every other level.

The Minister particularly expressed his satisfaction with the fact that this is the first embassy of our country that had been opened in the territory of the African continent after more than four decades.

"Ghana is not only a traditional friend with whom we established diplomatic relations back in 1959, but also our great friend even today, because it is the country that withdrew the recognition of the so-called independence of Kosovo and the country with which we have achieved extraordinary cooperation at international forums," Minister Selaković said.

Selaković stated that Serbia and Ghana have serious plans for cooperation in the future, especially in the field of agriculture, defence, digitization, artificial intelligence, and education.

Selaković said that his visit today began with a meeting held with President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who attended the 60th anniversary of the foundation of NAM in Belgrade last year, and who was awarded the Order of the Ribbon by President Vučić for his contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Ghana and Serbia, as well as for his contribution to personal merits in withdrawing the recognition of the so-called independence of Kosovo.

"The meeting was cordial and we agreed on the opening of the Embassy of Ghana in Belgrade, where the Government of Serbia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide their unselfish assistance," Selaković emphasised.

As regards the meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Shirley Botchway, the Minister said that our activities planned by the end of the year had been discussed, on which occasion a joint session of the Joint Committee for Economic and Trade Cooperation was agreed to be held in October. Furthermore, Selaković stressed that important agreements were being prepared that would be signed on such occasion, but also that we were working on holding a business forum that would bring together members of business communities of our two countries.