President of the Republic of Cyprus awards a medal to Ambassador Marko Blagojević

01. Aug 2022.
Ambassador of Serbia to Cyprus Marko Blagojević was awarded the medal of High Commander of the Order of Makarios III, one of the highest medals of the Republic of Cyprus, today in Nicosia.

The medal and the Decree on awarding the medal were, on behalf of President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, handed by President of the House of Representatives Annita Demetriou in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković, who is in an official visit to Cyprus.

Ms. Demetriou emphasised that the medal had been awarded for the efforts of Ambassador Blagojević in promoting and improving the friendship between the two countries and two peoples.

“From her arrival in 2017, Ambassador Blagojević has been relentless in his efforts to deepen both the bilateral cooperation in every field, and understanding between our two countries”, highlighted Demetriou, noting that the Ambassador was a reliable friend and partner of all those present, both in the Government and the Parliament, and the business community and society.

“It is an honour and pleasure to work with him, and this medal is awarded as a recognition of all of his efforts”, concluded Demetriou.

Ambassador of Serbia to Cyprus Marko Blagojević emphasised that the latest successes and closeness between the two countries and two peoples have, above all, been achieved through great friendship and work by the two Presidents and two Ministers of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of protecting the state interests of Serbia and Cyprus, which are facing very similar challenges.

“This is the crowning achievement of my professional engagement and everything that has been achieved so far in the relations of the two countries”, said Ambassador Blagojević, adding that Cyprus has proven to be the most reliable ally to Serbia in the protection of its crucial interests.

“It is my honour to receive a medal from the President of the Republic of Cyprus, and to perform this duty in a country which supports us and does not succumb to the permanent pressures it is facing when it comes to the interest of our country. I have been and I will continue to strive to work both for the interests of our country and people, and the Republic of Cyprus, where our people is beloved and accepted and can feel at home”, concluded Ambassador Blagojević.