Selaković talks to the Ambassador of Argentina

21. Jun 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković met with Ambassador of Argentina to Serbia Osvaldo Narciso Marsico today.

Minister Selaković said that Serbia placed great importance on its relations with Argentina, as an important partner from the region of Latin America with whom Serbia had strong political relations.

In that context, Minister Selaković stated that Serbia was interested in further strengthening political dialogue with Argentina, and emphasised Serbia’s interest in organising a visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina Santiago Cafiero to Serbia. He said he was pleased that the relations between the two countries were characterised by mutual understanding and support in achieving their key priorities, both in terms of all bilateral cooperation matters, and in terms of multilateral cooperation.

Minister Selaković particularly stressed that an important part of the relations between Serbia and Argentina was mutual and principled advocacy of the observance of the international law and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries. He expressed his gratitude to Argentina for its principled position and refusal to recognise the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called Kosovo, and for its in support to Serbia in international organisations.

Minister Selaković said that the overall cooperation between the two countries should be focused on strengthening economic relations and increasing trade.