Starović: Selaković’s visit to the traditional friends in Latin America is of great value

08. Aug 2022.
State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nikola Starović stated that the visit of Minister for Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković to Latin America was of great importance and value, as many of these countries were Serbia’s traditional partners, and it was important to develop relations with them.

In his appearance on Radio-Television Serbia, Minister Starović said that the multi-day tour that Minister Selaković was conducting through Latin America included four countries - Cuba, Columbia, Costa Rica and Venezuela - which Minister Selaković was to visit in the following few days.

“We have long been neglecting these countries, many of which are our traditional friends. It is very important that Minister Selaković is today in Bogota, where he is attending the inauguration of the new President of Columbia, Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego, as Bogota has, for the past few days, been a diplomatic capital of the entire Latin American world and beyond”, said Starović.

In his words, Minister Selaković had a number of bilateral meetings with officials from countries other than Columbia, and had also met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay and Portugal, the Vice President of El Salvador and the new President of Chile Gabriel Boric, whose origins were from this region.

“All of this is of great importance and value, as we are committed to preserving Serbia’s territorial integrity, and to primarily fight for Kosovo and Metohija politically and legally and politically. Thus, is it important that we develop and foster relations with all of the countries in the world both bilaterally and multilaterally. This major Latin American tour, after two tours of Africa and one through Asia, is completing the successes of Minister Selaković over the previous two years”, said Starović. He stated that Minister Selaković was representing Serbia in the right way, with dignity.

In his words, Minister Selaković had previously had over 600 bilateral meetings with senior officials throughout the world, of which over 250 meetings were at the level of a Minister or higher.