Selaković: Serbia and Germany are fulfilling their civilizational obligation

10. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, called on the deputies of the Assembly of Serbia today to confirm three international agreements, among which is the Agreement between the Government of Serbia and the Government of Germany on war memorials.

Minister Selaković reminded that this is an agreement that the German side ratified in October 2019, and which completes the whole range of laws which the Republic of Serbia uses to regulate relations with one of its most important economic and foreign policy partners in the EU.

As he explained, the agreement relies on the Geneva Convention regarding the protection of victims of war, additional protocols and other norms of international law, but it also once again confirms Serbia as a state that sincerely follows international law, and we confirm ourselves as a nation committed to its own ethical principles.

Selaković pointed out that today, Serbia is stronger both economically and in terms of values, and that it has the desire and possibility to nurture the cult of remembrance of its victims in the same way as other civilized nations and states do.

"In that sense, this law is very important, it is the missing instrument for enumerating our victims, clarifying the circumstances of their deaths and marking their eternal resting places with dignity. I am sure that we will have an honest and open partner in Germany in the implementation of that plan", said Selaković.

According to him, Serbia and Germany are turning to future cooperation in peace in this symbolic way, with mutual respect and on equal grounds.

Selaković pointed out that 76 years after the Second World War, there are no obstacles to continue building relations with Germany based on cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual interests.

"With this law, Serbia and Germany will fulfill their civilizational obligation towards the descendants of tens of thousands of those who disappeared in the whirlwinds of war, and I hope that both the citizens of Serbia and the citizens of Germany will be able to build a better future by cultivating a culture of memory", Selaković said.

Minister Selaković also called on the deputies to support the agreement with Cyprus on cooperation in the field of disaster protection, which includes cooperation in protection, rescue and elimination of the consequences of disasters.

According to him, this agreement will provide additional security, because improving the response to emergency situations simplifies the procedures for providing assistance in cases of fire, flood or landslide.

The Minister reminded that Serbia has traditionally good relations with Cyprus and that he very much respects the consistent position of Cyprus on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija.

Selaković also spoke to the deputies about the amendment of Annex 1 of the Convention on Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents.